Statistics is an important part of any research and it needs extra attention and care.  We are providing all kind of statistical help like preparation of questionnaire, validation of questionnaire, determination of sample size, collection of data, Processing of data, data analysis, preparing the results and most important the interpretation of the results, for researcher, students and academicians, and medical professionals.

Statistics is not only the numbers but it is a way to convert the data is valid information related to your objective of the research. Any research objective can only be achieve only if the data collection, compilation and interpretation is correct. The data you have needs to be structured, formatted and presented such that it serves your basic purpose.

Irrespective of data size we will always make sure that the data analysis is done accurately using appropriate statistical tests and present in appropriate way by using graphs and tables.

You do not have to worry and take a load. All you need to focus is on collecting the results and trust us to make the results seem promising and precise. Your data is safe and secure with us as our team is of professionals and makes sure that adequate measures are taken to keep the content safe.


  1. Questionnaire
  2. Sample size determination
  3. Statistical analysis
  4. Statistical review for thesis
  5. Statistical assistance for ethical clearance


Once the research question has been decided next step is to collect appropriate data. Either we can use primary or secondary data, based on the objective. Secondary data is the data which is collected by someone else is past. Primary data is the data collected by the research themselves. 

If primary data is the requirement of the research question we collect the data by questionnaire. Questionnaire is nothing but set of structured questions related to the  objective under study. Designing questionnaire is the crucial part of the study and it needs sound knowledge of statistics. at the stage of developing the questions researcher should must have the hypothesis to test in mind. Questionnaire should be precise and have should develop by based on five or seven likart scale.

Our team can assist you in developing and validating a questionnaire for research and pilot study. We can help in deciding the type and number of questions and the choices for the answers of these questionnaire.

  1. Sample size determination

How many subjects should be included in the study is the frequently asked question by the researchers especially related to medical and life sciences field. Scientifically calculated sample size is very necessary for the successful research. Results based on small sample size will not be reliable as it do not cover the variability present in the population and considering huge sample is totally wastage of resources. So the sample size should be scientifically appropriate.

 Other difficulties are to choose/select the correct target group which is based on the hypothesis set by the researcher to prove and the method of survey or sampling method.

We can guide you in calculating the sample size and the appropriate method of sampling/survey. We have expert team in calculating sample size based on the study design.


  1. Statistical analysis

All the findings, results and their reliability is based on how we analyse the row data. Statistical data analysis is the lifeline of the research. Wrong analysis may lead to wrong conclusion and can destroy the whole effort. So it is impotent to be correct and appropriate  at this stage. It need high level of expertise in choosing the correct statistical tests, tools and techniques.

There of different sets of statistical tests for Qualitative and Quantitative research analysis. Our statisticians ensure that your data is analyzed accurately and your results are well interpreted. Whether it is qualitative or quantitative research, we can handle data analysis of both types.

Qualitative research:

Qualitative research is mostly used for KAP(knowledge attitude and practice) study or to analyse the behavioural assessment of the subjects or to find out the prevalence, incidence or the disease burden.

We need extra care in this type of research. It is important that data should be properly tabulated and appropriate type of graph should be chosen. Our team will assist you in appropriate analysis of qualitative data and interpretation of results.